Mr. Collins Bonsu at EduChange 2014 – Kumasi

Mr.Collins Bonsu is a senior lecturer and President of Purpose Development Foundation Ghana (PDF Ghana) He was invited to Talking FX 2014 to Speak on Basic Business management

Mr. Collins Bonsu started his lecture with the importance of entrepreneurship and the need for one to keep his purpose and focus right. “One needs to set future orientation and personal objectives and keep his perspectives right. The entrepreneur and the employee should converge often to jaw-jaw.

Two most important things one must consider is to get right business inspiration and sheared vision. After sharing the clarity of your vision as a leader, keep the team glued to stated strategic plans to achieve the goal.

To build a vibrant group, the leader needs to ascertain and access his managers to influence the subordinates.  Your ability can create an opportunity for you but sustenance is dependent on your character.

To be a successful businessman, one needs management and administration thus the people you have as your followers must believe in your goals and be ready to go through challenges and turbulence with you. People shouldn’t follow you because of basic necessities for survivor but to be part of the collective target to achieve a common goal.

Do not establish business with the sole purpose of surviving but to serve and to maximize creative potentials. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be free way opportunists but should test all waters and take risks to attain a goal.

Technical skills are not enough but you will need to couple it with inter problem solving skills.

 Entrepreneurship starts with a business idea. No idea comes in a complete form. They grow as you grow through the day-to-day challenges of the company.

Document and organize all your business ideas and keep revising and updating.

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