iCare Foundation donates to students of Lingbinkura DA Primary School – 2016/17

Lingbinkura DA Primary School – 2016/17

The head teachers opened the event with an introduction of the iCare Foundation team in each school. Mr Phaphali Chris explained to the school the importance and effect of education in shaping the lives of the younger generation.


Education Brings Peace –  “ Many countries have encountered minor litigations that have migrated into civil wars and has also caused many homeless and orphans; but where there is education, issues are solved amicably and peace is made available with the application of common sense and conflict management skills. I encourage you all to pay maximum attention to your studies and become law enforcers in your various communities. I know for sure that there are lawyers, policemen and community leaders among you who shall one day manage and steer the affairs of this wonderful society.

Education Brings Good Health – “Personal hygiene and clean environment brings good health; but filth and dirty environment breeds mosquitoes and sickness. The community can only be enlightened on such topics through environmental hygiene education. When the individual is educated on personal hygiene, he or she sees the need to keep his body clean and stay healthy. The community could only be educated by health personals who are currently among you. I pray to God that doctors, nurses and environmental and sanitation agents be raised among you.”

Education Brings Money –  After all of the above is observed, I strongly believe one could have the peace of mind to work and not run away from this community because of civil conflict. One will now have a sound mind to work to help promote community development with the generated revenues from their skills and profession. With our community clean as our spirit is, I’m convinced we won’t have to spend the least money we’ve made out from business on sickness and illnesses. With education, one could also be enlightened on financial management and marketing strategies. 


Mr Dela Akpotosu preached the word of God and led many to Christ. In his sermon, he adopted various child evangelism mechanism to break his message into consumable bits for the pupils. He emphasized on the need for the students see their fellow students as their brother and care for one another. He thought with illustrations made on flip charts and also thought the kids action songs.


As part of the mission of the iCare Foundation team, one of our motives is to promote art in various schools in various levels across the country. We engaged community leaders, teachers and students in face painting and Art challenge. Students were made to paint over an already sketched image.


Exercise books and learning materials were then presented to the students. The team donated books and learning materials to the students directly at the presence of the community leaders, PTA, staff and management of the school.

Mr Iddrisu Sulemana, the Head teacher of the Lingbinkura DA Primary School in his speech encouraged the students to appreciate the efforts of the community leaders and philanthropists who come to support education in the district and on that note thanked the iCare Foundation team for the benevolent act.

The SMC chairman in the person of Issahaku Alemene also emphasized in speech upon receiving the gift items on behalf of the school saying, the items will come a long way to support learning in the school. He also revealed that, the exercise also drew the attention of absentee students in community to come to school and partake in the exercise. Mr. Adam Imoro who is the PTA chairman of the school played the role of Oliver Twist, requesting if the iCare Foundation team could come back and assist the school with a toilet facility and a library.

The circuit supervisor of the Lingbinkura DA Primary School, Iddi Soale did the vote of thanks and escorted our team to the Kabilpe community school (neighbor community school)


Students were made to dance with their colleagues and teachers. Musical chairs were also organized among the lower primary and upper primary respectively.

Students were later refreshed with candies and soft drinks. 7h)4�

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