DaaviGa (Kingdom Tree) Donates 1000pcs of Sanitary Pads to women and jail inmates at Dabala – 2018

On the 3rd of October 2018, our organization in collaboration with TFX Africa International led by Chris Phaphali visited Volta Region in Ghana. The group first paid an official visit to the community chief and council of elders where both parties had a jaw-jaw on pressing issues affecting education in the community.

In speech read by Koku Agbodovo (linguist) on behalf of the Chief Togbe Kokuvi Akah Fia, Dagela III , the community chief emphatically stated that teenage pregnancy is one head aching situation choking women empowerment and development in his community. He elaborated further that basic necessities like sanitary towels, start up capital, capacity building and many others has made his women totally dependent on men; hence leading to premature pregnancy.

Kofi Dzinyela (Dumega, Dabala) also added his voice that their people would be excited if more supports would come in to assist ladies in their community get basic needs like sanitary towels and capacity building courses.

The team after the official visit to the community chief and his council of elders, visited the community school in Dabala to make donations. The group was received by the headmaster, Mr. Kodwo Fianu.


Students were first taken through series of education led by Ms. Sarah Obiri Doe on:

  • Vaginal health
  • Avoiding teenage health
  • Girl- Child education
  • Menstrual cycle

Students also took the opportunity to ask questions at the various segments and also went ahead to share their heart wrecking experiences whenever they were in their periods. Some of the students thou embarrassed told our team they used head gears and handkerchiefs.  


One of our short term development goals to curb truancy among students; and with that been said, we donated 6 packs of sanitary towels to 120 students in total. We believe this would go a long way to cover them for a whole academic year and the financial burdens of their parents would be lessened. 


Students and teachers were all refreshed with vitamin fortified ice cream and biscuits. 

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